Day 01 – Arrival

Its been nearly nine months from the first idea to now. Today we arrived in Athens. Its been quite a journey. After the past week of intense preparation, we are now actually sitting in our temporary home in Athens and are about to start the real work.

Our journey went well and with a median of two hours of sleep per person we were unexpectedly fresh when we arrived in Athens later this afternoon. The only drawback: our additional camera and sound equipment did not make it to us on time. This resulted in Mathis and Till getting of our train to the airport, rushing to a remote UPS logistics centre at 6 something in the freezing morning, only to find out that our parcel should have been there but wasn’t. Close but not yet quiet there. The subsequent record-breaking sprint to the check-in desk at Hannover Airport was a warmly welcomed morning exercise, though. We will have to improvise on our equipment planning a little bit but are deeply optimistic.

Overall this past week was about a lot of discussions on how the film should precisely turn out and – most importantly – conversations with people whom we met through the internet in the past weeks. These conversations via email and facebook were really uplifting.

There was so much great feedback and excitement. Now we’re eager to meet all of you people in person.

Arrival at Airport
Just arrived at the airport – tired but happy.

Tonight, Gordon and Felix are preparing a nice smelling dinner. Then there will be last minute discussions on the film. Tomorrow we’re hoping for a city tour. Hopefully there will be more pictures of the city on this blog then. Until then: We’ll get some rest.