Day 02 – a long one

So our first day in Athens. And it starts out with – oversleeping. Well, after day 01 was full of last-minute actions and approx. 3000 miles long none of us bothered setting an alarm for today. So that was that. Then we began our morning with an unusual taste experiement – Mathis had accidentally (thats what he claims) bought goat milk to put in our morning coffee; a fact that we became aware of when we took the first sip of that energizing liquid.But that shouldn’t be the most exciting part oft the day.

First off, we figured out that public transport in Athens seems to be much cheaper than in Germany. 10 Euros for 5 day ticket. And the Metro works greatly – at least for today. Trains come every couple of minutes and take you quickly to where it is you want to go. So we all went together to Syntagma Square. Its Athens’ most central place and the area for big gatherings and demonstrations. It is overlooked by the parliament building and a couple of really expensive hotels. It also has a nice fountain in it’s middle. Here we met Georgia.

Part of Syntagma Spare with it's fountain.
Part of Syntagma Spare with it’s fountain.

We then split up the team. While Gordon and Till went out hunting after our missing camera and sound gear. Felix, Sascha and Mathis enjoyed a great city tour with Geogia. She showed us around Plaka district Рat the bottom of the Acropolis its very touristy but has a ton of cafes and restaurants and tourist-shops and nice places.  Also it is home to a bunch of strolling cats.

Georgia later brought us to Monastiraki Square. Its in walking distance of both Plaka and Syntagma. There she left us to go about her own business. But we have to say that  the insights she gave us about lives of young adults in general and her personal one were really valuable Рwe will hear from her again.

Monastiraki Square
Monastiraki Square

Just shortly after that we met out second distinguished city experts: Maria and Leonidas. With them we spent the afternoon wandering around the anarchist neighborhood of Exarchia. Talking to Leonidas who had just moved from Germany to Athens a couple of weeks earlier gave an intersting perspective. He explained the changes he realized when comparing his perception of Athens now to the the things he saw the last times he visitied. He is now spending time with his family here. The two of them took us also to the neighborhood’s pedagogic faculty of the university. We were quite impressed by the fine grafitti artwork in the building. …. tomorrow we will upload some of the paintings….and complete the story of how we met Irini and stayed up until 4am, to set up our gear and talk through some final questions.

4am is now and these words the last.