Day 04 – inbetween

Our fourth day was less of a lazy sunday than a day of inbetweens. A day full of meeting people, checking interview video footage and most of all: Conceptual thinking.
When we were planning for this film the basic idea was meeting young Greeks in Athens and give them room to tell their own stories. So that was what we had in mind. So we are here, meeting people everyday and as of yesterday filming our first interview. But a film can’t only be interviews cut together. What’s the story to be told? And how are we telling it? How are we connecting the dots for the audience? And if we start creating a connection and we miss something, can we just go back and do it again? What about continuity? So that’s what we’ve stayed up late for.

That’s it for now. There will probably be more tomorrow.

Gordon and Till checking footage in our make-shift office.