Day 09 – over already?

Greece Last Days-0003

What a week. It truly was an amazing experiment and such a nice time that we have spent together in Athens. Last night we invited all our interview partners for a little get together at our apartment. They had the chance to meet each other and we all the oportunity to celebrate a very interesting and progressive week of film making, exchange, and last but not least, a week where we, as a team, successfully created what we had planed for such a long time.

It already seems so long ago, thinking about the start of our journey. The sleepless night and vain endeavor finding our camera gear an hour before take off, the comfortable feeling of uncomfortable plane seats as well as our shared excitement of the venture ahead.

Greece Last Days-0005

There were so many things to think about right after landing. But we managed quite well, indeed, considering our zero to little film making experience. Lots of „firsts“ in these times: our first pre-interview meet up, the first equipment set-up where nothing can go wrong and eventually our first interview.

It all worked out. And being confronted with overwhelming friendliness and selfless support by so many, we gained pace. Things became easier and we started getting the feel of making a documentary. That also meant, long nights of conceptual and further planing work. Many discussions and new ideas. Like introducing a 2 by 2 interview to our portfolio.

Greece Last Days-0002

Along the way we kept expanding our network with even more wonderfull as much as insightfull people. Sometimes we even had a hard time soaking up all the information flowing to us from these truly thoughfull people.

As time passed, we managed to shoot two interviews in one day. We increasingly grasped prominent themes and reoccuring ideas of the young educated people we interviewed. Our teamwork became more efficient and roles more clear. Things became smooth and we perfectly worked hand in hand until finishing our 6th and final interview with Maria.

„I believe, people feel more free now, to do what they want to do, compared to how they felt 8 years ago“ says the young actress. Judging from our experience this applies much more to the young generation than to the parents generation. Older people have more trouble finding opportunities and might struggle more with economic hardship.  „There is more hate and anger“, Maria describes the widespread dissatisfaction.

Greece Last Days-0006

Nevertheless we have to say, that, having conducted all these interviews, there is a young, well educated and very energetic generation of people rising up here in Greece. Fearless, optimistic and hard working they all seem to be, and it does indeed have a huge impact on how our view of the greek crisis has changed. But we don’t want to downgrade the struggle that many have and had to go through, due to the last years’ tensions. Much more we want to show the optimistic side of the coin. We found people with the will to change things and the endurance to make it happend, while enyoing life as much as possible. And that was a wonderful experience!

Saying that, we want to thank all our interview partners as well as all the others that have helped (and continue to do so) to make this project work!