Day 05/06 – one by one

So yesterday didn’t get it’s own blogpost. Today’s will try to cover both days. Our experience has been so full of information, stories and emotions, that at night we just need to get to bed at some point.

Yesterday we had our second interview so far. We met with Georgia who was kind enough to invite us to her place. She works at a local NGO that tries to build bridges between young people from all around Europe. You should check them out on facebook.

The funding, promised for their last set of workshops, wasn’t disbursed, apparently due to a European Union decision, which affected greek funding procedures. And now they are struggling to deal with the situation.

Our interview setup in Georgia's living room.
Our interview setup in Georgia’s living room.

Georgia shared some very interesting insights. She tries to life her life in a way that makes her do what she likes the most. With the current situation in her country this has become quite difficult, though. She’s always thought about heading abroad for her work but now she feels like she has to go, to somehow make a living. This brain-drain is something also acknowledged by institutions like the IMF.

Getting first hand stories, though, moves the topic from dry statistiscs to emotional experiences. Georgia also shared a story about someone in Germany who once yelled at her: “You have to repay our debt,” making her personally responsible for economic state-affairs.

This topic is one we found again on a stroll through the suburb Exarchia today. Mathis tweeted it and it got picked up by Athens Local Media.

Today we tried finding some more young people willing to take part in an interview. Though as we’d already expected, limits the unfortunte requirement of english speaking interviewpartners our options quite a bit.

As for now, we are almost exclusivly engaging with young and well educated people. That is a fact, we will have to adress throughout the film, because we might just end up producing one more single story otherwise. On the other hand, we get the feeling, finally having arrived in Athens with a very set mind. And through closely engaging with these people and their stories. With all those endless but so interesting discussions, we’re slowly cracking this set open, finding an extremely motivated greek youth, eager to get out there and heve it’s story heared. To push away all the obstacles. One by one.