A Premiere Date

Dots courtyard. Picture by https://www.facebook.com/cafebardots
Dots courtyard this past fall. Picture by https://www.facebook.com/cafebardots

The premiere will be held on tuesday, July 5th, at 8 pm at Dots […] Cafe, Bar. Admission is free, subtitles are in all-English. The film is in German and English.


We kept telling you that we’d get done soon. Well, the waiting is over: We have a date for our premiere:
On July 5th, we will premiere our documentary at Dots […] Cafe, Bar right here in our hometown of Goettingen to a general public. We are right now struggling to make the last edits. There have to be subtitles added and some sound correction done. And also: There is to be a film-trailer. It’ll be there late this weekend. So stay tuned.

Already now: Thanks to the team at Dots for hosting us. Check them out, they are great. It’ll be super-nice there: A great courtyard and open-air feeling. The summer’s about to hit Göttingen, so our timing turns out just nicely.

We hope to see you all there. Updates on exact times will follow; so will the trailer and a film-poster announcing all the important stuff. If you are keen on updates, like our facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter. We will announce upcoming screenings of our film via those channels.