The Premiere – Thank You!

We are absolutely overwhelmed. The hard work in the past months surely paid off. With about a week delay we are proud to announce that our premiere was a huge success. About 180 people showed up, enjoyed the venue and our film and joined in discussion afterwards. We would like to thank you all for being there. It makes it much easier to move on this way, feeling the support this way :-).

The venue filled up quickly. We didn't even have any more chairs.
The venue filled up quickly. We didn’t even have any more chairs.

We showed the film at Dots, Cafe & Bar in Göttingen in their beautiful courtyard. Surely the nice venue made for a great discussion afterwards. Topics where our selection of interviewees (critically discussed), the situation for young people in Greece right now and our personal experience during this project.

We hope everyone could see well.
We hope everyone could see well.

We are now looking forward to screening the film in other cities in Germany and maybe even moving on to festivals. If you know anything, let us know! News on that will surely be posted right here.

So, it is only left to thank everyone to be at the premiere, to thank everyone involved with making the film and hopefully see you all for the sequel.