The Project


“#YourGreeconomy”. What’s that supposed to mean?

We are a team of five students from Göttingen, Germany. Four of us major in economics and started to wonder about realities in economics aside from models and theories we are taught. We want to set these realities into context and talk to those affected by economic policy. We are all affected by policy-making. But extreme times usually produce extreme feelings. And with power imbalances in the european monetary union shifting strongly towards Germany, we sensed a necessity for us to step into the picture.

So, the five of us spent ten days in in Athens past October and filmed interviews with people our age. We had started a campaign on Facebook and Twitter and searched for interviewees willing to tell their story. We wanted to know what young peoples’ economic realities looked like, thus: “YourGreeconomy”.

We got ourselves filming equipment and got on the plane. None of us have ever produced a full-length documentary before, but still we thought it to be the best way to share the stories we got to hear. We’ve documented our time in Greece on our blog (Our journey starts right here).

Right now we’re about to finish cutting our material. Since all of us are also full-time students this whole project runs in our spare time. And you can imagine how time-consuming all of this is.

Economic realities and models

As we explained, studying economics has little to do with economic reality that people live through every day. Its much about curves and diagramms. Inputs and outputs (for more information check this). How people feel with a situation or the other isn’t reflected. Maybe there is a reason for that. Nevertheless it is important for young stundents of economics to get a feeling for what the effects of economic policy are.

The economic crisis in Greece has been in the media in Germany for the past seven years. Generally its about policymakers and their fights on money. We were wondering, though, how individuals in Greece are feeling about the changes surely happening within the country since austerity measures have begun to sink in. So, these realities we are trying to capture, get a feeling for and with a film carry back to Germany to share our experience and knowledge.

So, there is not one reality. There are probably more realities than human beings. But there are some realities with respect to economics, that we would like to capture. Those we want to portray.
Your greek economic reality.

What the result from all this will be? We don’t know. But we would love to meet people who can help us tell a story.

If you’d like to, get in touch with us! If your interested in our final film, get subscribed to our newsletter (see below). If you’d like to show our film, please shoot us an email. And if you’re with the press, check this page.