First off: The good news! We’ve been featured in the German bimonthly student-magazine Unicum. The magazine is available at every german university for free – and we hope that gives us some more reach. So: If you just stumbled upon our site, shoot us an email, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! […]

“Its a problem we people created. We people can solve it.” There has been so much positive energy with the people we have met here in Athens. George said it in his own words in the interview we did on wednesday with him and Dimitris. George is an IT expert working at a company and […]

So yesterday didn’t get it’s own blogpost. Today’s will try to cover both days. Our experience has been so full of information, stories and emotions, that at night we just need to get to bed at some point. Yesterday we had our second interview so far. We met with Georgia who was kind enough to […]