Our fourth day was less of a lazy sunday than a day of inbetweens. A day full of meeting people, checking interview video footage and most of all: Conceptual thinking. When we were planning for this film the basic idea was meeting young Greeks in Athens and give them room to tell their own stories. […]

Today was the day of our first interview. We would meet Irini who we had a quick talk with already the night before. But first things first. We originally tried to portray all interviewees in a setting they found importand to our story. Now, that proved to be somewhat more difficult than expected. For our […]

So our first day in Athens. And it starts out with – oversleeping. Well, after day 01 was full of last-minute actions and approx. 3000 miles long none of us bothered setting an alarm for today. So that was that. Then we began our morning with an unusual taste experiement – Mathis had accidentally (thats […]