The Film

YourGreeconomy, Young Perspectives from Athens is a 40-Minute Documentary by Sascha Berndt, Felix Keune, Till Simons, Gordon Schücker and Mathis Richtmann. It is shot in English and German and we have added all-English subtitles to the film. It is comprised of interviews with young people from around Athens who tell their stories from the past five to seven years. We have tried to capture both the stories and our process of finding and telling them. To us as the filmmakers, this film represents an option to strengthen economic storytelling as to set the focus on actual individual economic realities much more so than calculating aggregated statistics on phenomena. With this approach we would like to strengthen the economic discourse on Greece and on economic thinking in general to make it more open to all the details that are missed out on, when using theoretical models and plain data.

For the full length film, please visit this page.

We have a short trailer prepared, see that down below. We would like to spread the word. So if you have any chance of us showing our film entailing a discussion at your town, bar, club, cinema, theatre, festival, just let us know!